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How to Clean Polycarbonate Skylight Domes

Washing to Minimize Scratching

Wash the polycarbonate skylight dome with a mild soap or detergent (such as 409 cleaner) and lukewarm water, using a clean sponge or a soft cloth. Rinse well with clean water. Dry thoroughly with a chamois or moist cellulose sponge to prevent water spots. Do not scrub or use brushes or abrasives on polycarbonate skylights; the UV coating is not mar resistant. Also do not use butyl cellosolve in direct sunlight.

Fresh paint splashes, grease and smeared glazing compounds can be removed easily before drying by rubbing lightly with a good grade of naphtha or isopropyl alcohol. Follow the alcohol rub with a mild detergent wash with warm water and end with a thorough rinsing with clean water.

Minimize Hairline Scratches

Scratches and minor abrasions can be minimized by using a mild automobile polish. Three such products that tend to polish and fill scratches are Johnson Paste Wax, Novus Plastic Polish #1 and #2, and Mirror Glaze plastic polish (MG M10). It is suggested that a test be made on a sample area with the product selected and that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.

Don’ts – Very Important

  • DON’T use abrasive or highly alkaline cleaners on the polycarbonate.
  • DON’T scrape the polycarbonate with squeeges, razor blades or other sharp instruments.
  • DON’T ever use benzene, gasoline, acetone or carbon tetrachloride on polycarbonate.
  • DON’T clean polycarbonate in hot sun or on very hot days.

Compatible Cleaners For Polycarbonate Plastic

The following agents have been found to be compatible with polycarbonate. Manufacturer’s instructions should be followed: Formula 409™, Top Job™, VM & P Grade Naphtha Joy™, Windex w/Amonia D™ and Palmolive Liquid™.

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