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All Customer Reviews for "3/4" x 30' Putty Tape"

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Avg. Customer Rating: 4.85 4.85 4.85 Stars (based on 33 Reviews)

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Works great!!!
 out of 5
Works around mobile home windows when putting a replacement window in and put a regular window in a mobile home and worked great.
Putty strip for mobile home door installation.
 out of 5
Product was needed for installation of new mobile home door. Perfect.
More than enough putty tape
 out of 5
I used the putty tape to seal the vent cover & it worked great. There is more than enough of this putty tape to use on other projects.
 out of 5
Good stuff
Putty tape is the way to go.
 out of 5
Love this product, goes on easier with no mess what so ever.
 out of 5
I needed this to install back door worked great thank you
great product
 out of 5
I love the putty tape role. It was used back when my mobile home was made back in 1986 and it still seals 30 years later. Easy to use and I love it. Thanks
Putty in my hands
 out of 5
Its putty on a tape, what can you say? Be gentle with it, as being to rough will tear the tape. Or small helpers will, at least.
worked great
 out of 5
worked great, easy to apply
better than silicone?
 out of 5
I used to use silicone around the entire outer edge of the fins of exterior doors but now using this product I don't do that. Doing both would be double the protection but my doors are typically underneath awnings so they don't get directly hit with rain water or snow. So now it looks better and will make it easier to replace the doors again in the future if it's ever needed because the doors will be easier to detach from the siding.
 out of 5
More than enough
The right tool for the right job
 out of 5
This stuff is great. It does just what it's intended to do. Makes installation a snap. Very great product for the price.
Worked very well
 out of 5
I used it to install new mobile home door and window worked perfect for both installations
This is a must have
 out of 5
If you are installing a new door or windows, this putty tape is a must have. I used this on a new door installation and it is a time saver instead of waiting on caulk to set. Easy to use as well. Just lift an end and press on frame and unroll as you go the length. Then you peel off the outer paper on the tape and you are set.
Inexpensive and effective
 out of 5
Just what I needed for the new door. Inexpensive and arrived with my combination door order.
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