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All Customer Reviews for "28" x 50' Flex-Mend™ Self-Adhesive Bottom Board"

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Avg. Customer Rating: 4.56 4.56 4.56 Stars (based on 9 Reviews)

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Just what I needed
 out of 5
I didn't know where or how to fix the floor. So glad I saw an advertisement online
Very Sticky-hard to handle
 out of 5
This product although seemed to be able to seal the bottom of the trailer, was extremely sticky and very hard to handle never having done this before.
Super sticky
 out of 5
This is an amazing product. Be sure to start and adhere just the edge to start. It will stick to itself quite easily. I highly recommend this product.
Great product!
 out of 5
This product works like a charm! Delivery was spot on.
Very sticky
 out of 5
Found a dead cat under my new home.. (Just Follow your nose!). He must have went down fighting cause he tore the heck out of the underboard first. Used this stuff to cover a couple big holes and a long tears. This stuff really sticks. My buddy got his hair stuck to it and we had to cut him off it so be careful!
Great Stuff!
 out of 5
We bought a used MH and had a lot of holes to patch underneath in the bottom board fabric. I am in my 60s and using the adhesive spray really bothered me so I ordered the adhesive backed, self-sticking Flex-Mend fabric. This stuff is great! No spraying on the glue while you're underneath the MH so I didn't need to wear a mask (which fogs up my glasses - lol). Just cut the size patch you need to cover your hole, peal off the backing about 3 inches at a time sticking it on where you need it. When you have pulled off all the backing rub your fingers over the entire patch to stick it on good. It's just like sticking on contact paper. That's it - so easy! To be sure my patches stuck and that I wouldn't need to go under the MH again I put heat on my patches for about 2-3 mins with a blow dryer (one that you use to dry your hair) after I had stuck my patches onto the bottom board fabric. You may not need to add heat to the self-sticking Flex-Mend but I could see that putting heat on my patches seemed to make them stick better. BTW, I am a female ;-) Hope this review helps.
This worked great!
 out of 5
We followed the instructions and cleaned existing bottom board then applied the flex-mend it went on very easily and sticks very well. Next test will be to see if it lasts. So far so good.
great product
 out of 5
Great product to seal bottom board after working on water lines or tears.
My underboard looks new again!
 out of 5
I had damages from animals to fix under my new home and thought I had to install a new underboard. Boy was this a time and money saver. It was wide enough to cover the holes torn by the critters and makes my underboard look nice.
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