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All Customer Reviews for "3/4" x 30' Putty Tape"

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Just what I wanted.
 out of 5
I found this item to be exactly as advertised and just the right answer to what I wanted. Price and value I thought was just and delivery was good.
seals tight
 out of 5
This putty isn't silly. This tape did the trick for my door. It's raining outside. As it should be. An not inside. The tape is a must. Thanks. MHPS.
Perfect solution to seal windows
 out of 5
Used this tape to seal 3 windows and it made the job simple! Just tape the flange and install, simple as that.
A Must for Windows
 out of 5
Don't waste your time installing a new window or reinstalling an old one without this stuff. This beats caulk, and there's no mess afterwards. I only gave it a 4 because I thought it could have been a little stickier. I pinched it on along the flanges and didn't have any trouble with it coming off when I put the window in. Several \\\\"biblical\\\\" rain storms later and they're as dry as when they were new!
A must need when replacing doors and windows
 out of 5
easy to work with and seals well.
Putty Tape
 out of 5
Works Good
best buy
 out of 5
this stuff works great. easy to use.
Great alternative to caulk.
 out of 5
Easy to apply and no mess. Spreads out as you screw the window into the frame. The only con is that if you don't position the window exactly where it needs to be, it is hard to make adjustments without stretching the tape and possibly making a mess. Knowing this ahead of time can prevent mishaps.
This is better than fooling around with caulking
 out of 5
this stuff goes on real fast and with no mess
perfect fit
 out of 5
great fit , was very pleased, was wrapped for shipment very well, very impressed.
works great
 out of 5
A must have when installing a new window, easy to use.
 out of 5
Easy to apply
A must Have if replacing old windows
 out of 5
If you keep this product warm and pliable it's the right width and it's length is adaquate for installation of two 27\\" x 30\\" windows. Just pinch it in place and peel the paper off the product.
Works great and is a Must need
 out of 5
Ordered a door from here and had this Putty Tape added also. Why waste time running around to stores when you can get this added? Takes two minutes to put on and it works great.
A minor piece, but still great to get at the same store online
 out of 5
Putty tape is a minor product, but it's nice to know that you can get it at the same time as the other things you need and right from your living room. No looking everywhere through a major store.
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