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All Customer Reviews for "Vinyl Siding Mounting Block"

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Perfect fit, just what I needed
 out of 5
The mounting block was a perfect fit and matched the opening in the siding exactly. Made it easy to unlatch one piece of siding and slide it in. Thanks, could not find these locally!
Great item
 out of 5
I have looked for this mounting block everywhere (online and in stores) and the only place I could find it is here at MobileHome. I did have to cut it and make it smaller so it would fit my pre existing area in my siding where I removed the old mounting block which was brittle and dried up. It looks so nice now and I am so happy that one company was selling these. Thank you Mobile Home Parts Store!
Great product but not exactly what was expected--still recommended!
 out of 5
This is a really good product--heavy duty plastic and well made. It was not, however, what we were expecting. The dimensions were slightly larger than expected and the material is less flexible than expected making it harder to install. (We thought we were purchasing something similar to what we had-thinner and more flexible.) But we did get it installed and because it is so heavy duty we are sure this will last longer than our siding! Recommended!
product insall
 out of 5
product was easy to install.The hole in the center needs to be a bit larger
Perfect fit
 out of 5
Exactly what I was looking for. Hard to find. Searched eveywhere. Easy to install
Vinyl Siding mounting block
 out of 5
Perfect fit. Excellent job.
Been looking for these for over a month
 out of 5
These were the exact ones we needed. We had looked all over Oklahoma for them.
Perfect and eay to install
 out of 5
These were the exact replacement I was looking for. Hope they hold up better than the originals. The originals are sun cooked and cracking and breaking apart allowing water to get behind siding.
Replaced the original exactly
 out of 5
I was worried that a lot of trimming would be required to replace the original ones which turned brittle and cracked due to sun exposure. However they were a perfect fit and hopefully will outlast the originals. I had no need to paint them as the white color blended in perfectly.
mounting blocks
 out of 5
Just what I needed , Had big problems fing the correct size, these worked great.
Faucet Mounting Plate
 out of 5
This mounting plate was a prefect fit, and exactly like the one I replaced. I didn't have to trim my vinyl siding, just took off the old one and put this one in it's place.
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