Installation Instructions: Hydros 33" x 19" x 7" Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink - #110202

Materials needed: Kitchen & Bath Silicone Sealant

Optional items that may need replacing: Sink Strainer & Basket, Continuous Waste and Faucet

1. Place sink upside down on countertop surface. Place in exact position for installation and pencil completely around the ledge.

2. Scribe actual opening 5/16" inside the outline all the way around.

3. Cut out on inside of this line. Cut hole straight down through top - you will do a better job. Set faucet in ledge of sink bowl and tighten.

4. Apply a sealer around entire perimeter of the opening, set sink into the opening.

5. From underside of sink, place one clamp near center, tighten by hand enough to hold sink in place. Repeat for all 4 sides. Fasten balance of clamps in position and hand tighten (usually 3 clamps on end balance divided equally front and back). Space clamps as equally as possible.

6. From the top side, check seal between rim and countertop. Adjust clamps to high spot if necessary.

7. Tighten clamps evenly with screwdriver in rotation until sink is perfectly sealed with countertop.