Installation Instructions: 36" Bright Aluminum Window Screen Kit - #710140

1. Measure the screen you are going to replace or measure the screen opening in the window.

2. Cut the top and bottom of the aluminum frames for the width less 1 �� to allow for the plastic corners.

3. Cut the left and right aluminum frames to length less 1 3/8� to allow for the plastic corners and spring clips.

4. Install 2 corners and the screen clips in the top frame. Install the 2 remaining corners in the bottom frame. Join the left and right frame to the top and bottom frame.

5. Lay the completed frame on a flat surface with the slotted side facing up. Lay the screen wire over the frame and cut around the outside frame.

6. Lay the screen wire over the frame, insert the spline in the slot on the middle of either side, use the spline tool and continue installing around the entire frame. Cut off any excess spline. Trim any excess screen wire and install the new screen.