Installation Instructions: 48" x 56" White 2" Horizontal Vinyl Blind - #450304

1. Select the method of mounting that best suits your purpose, outside mounting, inside mounting or ceiling mounting.

2. With blind fully opened hold up to wall in the position it will hang. Make sure the blind is centered left and right and height is correct Make sure blind is level. Make pencil marks past each end of handrail. Now place mounting brackets in level position on pencil marks with large hole facing the floor. Secure brackets with screws. Wider blinds may also require a center support bracket.

3. Slide headrail into mounting brackets. Slide mounting bracket front caps into the mounting brackets in front of the headrail.

4. To install the wand: Slide plastic collar up the tilter shaft past the hole. Place hook at top of wand through the tilter shaft hole. Slide plastic collar down the tilter shaft to cover hook. This will lock the wand in place.

5. You can now install the optional hold down brackets.