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Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Mobile Home

Installing mobile home bathtubs is never the easiest task. But with Mobile Home Parts Store on your side, no project is too big! We have all the parts and supplies you need to complete your project, plus the expertise you need to makeover your bathroom in something you can be proud of!

The most difficult part of any bathroom, whether in a mobile home or a traditionally constructed home, is always the bathtub. But in a mobile home, it’s a little harder with floor and work space at a premium. If you’re changing the size or type of tub that’s installed, you’ll have to reroute and reconfigure drains and water supply lines, and that is a job best left to a qualified plumber.

However, if you’re just swapping out an old or damaged tub with one of the same kind, your project gets much easier.

To begin your project, you first you need to disconnect your old tub from the plumbing, including the drain assembly, the faucet, and the waterlines that feed it. Once you have the tub disconnected you need to remove the old tub surround. Many times you can simply cut the plastic rivets that hold it to the wall then just peel it from the wall. This will then expose the lip of the tub and the screws that secure it. Once you remove the screws you should be able to lift your old mobile home bathtub out and remove it from the bathroom.

Installing a mobile home bathtub is essentially the reverse of removing the old one. Place the new tub in place and make sure the supports on the wall are anchored into studs and are at the correct height. Next, install a new drain and cut holes for the faucet and water spout if they aren’t already in place. Once they are, reinstall the faucet and reconnect the water supply. Then secure the tub to the wall with screws, making sure not to overtighten them and crack your new tub. Once it’s secured, install your tub surround and wait 24 hours for the glue to cure. Then enjoy a relaxing hot bath, you’ve earned it!

At Mobile Home Parts Store, we stock a wide variety of mobile home bathtubs and the accessories you need to refurbish or remodel your bathroom. If you want a new bathtub delivered straight to your door, you’ve come to the right place. All you’ll need to do is just decide how large you want it, what color, and what shape. Fortunately, we have mobile home bathtubs for every taste and style of bathroom from standard models, measuring 54 inches by 27 inches, all the way to large garden tubs, corner tubs, and even island mount mobile home bathtubs.

If you’d like a more detailed description of the installation process, check out our previous guide to installing mobile home bathtubs. And, as always, if you have any questions about our selection of bathroom fixtures or mobile home bathtubs, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always here to help.


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