Novik Skirting Calculator

Please use this tool to to calculate the number of skirting panels that you will need for your Mobile Home. If you are repairing or skirting a partial section of your home, please click here.



Measure the length of each side of your home. Take your measurements to the nearest foot and enter the values in the boxes below. *Be sure to use whole feet ( 12" = 1' ) for your measurement.

Front: Back:
Left: Right:


Measure the distance from the bottom of the home to the ground on all 4 corners of the home. Enter each measurement into the boxes below. *Be sure to use whole inches for your measurement.

Corner A: Corner B:
Corner C: Corner D:

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This tool is created by Mobile Home Parts Store to provide a free service that allows anyone to mesure for the amount of skirting panels needed for repairing your home