Installation Instructions: Premier® 3/4" Push-Fit Brass Tee - #151011

1. Cut the tubing so the ends are square. Bevel copper or CPVC with appropriate beveling tool. Place a pencil mark from the end of the tubing: For 1/2' tubing mark from end, for tubing mark 7/8 from end.

2. Insert tubing into the fitting until pencil mark disappears and a clicking noise is heard When connecting to pex tubing stiffners must be inserted into the tubing prior to the insertion of the tubing into the socket of the fitting.

3. To disconnect the fitting, clip the disconnecting tool over the tubing and slide to make contact with the push-ring. Grip the pipe with one hand and using the other hand compress the push-ring with the disconnecting tool. Once the push-ring is fully compressed, simultaneously pull the tubing away from the fitting and rotate until assembly is completely disconnected.