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5 Crucial Mobile Home Repairs for Spring

Spring is upon us! Of course, this means higher temperatures and more time than you can spend outside. It is time to get the grill ready and clean off the deck! It’s also time to fix up your mobile home and make sure it will be functioning correctly for the whole spring season. You need to do a couple of vital repairs to ensure a fun and worry-free spring season. You should check that all of these pieces are functioning correctly. If they are all in order, there is, of course, no need for repair. Likely, you will not need to perform all of these repairs. However, it’s easier and less expensive to do preventative maintenance than it is to replace parts on your mobile home.

Repairing Mobile Home AC Units

As warm weather is rolling around the corner, we need to get our mobile home AC units in check. No one wants to be stuck on a hot and humid spring day with no way to cool down. It should be relatively easy to test if your AC unit functions correctly. The quickest and easiest way to do this is simply turning it on.

Types of AC Units for Mobile Homes

There are a couple of different AC units in use in mobile homes. The two most common unit types are window AC units and split system AC units. Split system AC will have the cube-like unit outside, fastened to the ground, while window units will be in a window on your mobile home. You can take a couple of easy maintenance steps with either of these units. The first would be to replace the air filter in your mobile home or air conditioner. If you have a window unit, the filter will be directly inside of the AC unit and should be relatively easy to find. If your mobile home has a split system AC unit, your filter will likely be in your utility closet. It should be reasonably easy to see in the closet, as you are supposed to replace it. After replacing the filter, rerun the AC to test it. If you need to perform any further repairs and are not a professional, please contact a professional. 

Repairing the Roof

Checking the roofing on your mobile home unit is of utmost importance. A leak in the roof is already a big enough issue. However, it can lead to even more damage to the mobile home if it is not noticed and fixed. As we are coming off of the heels of winter and snowy weather, it is vital to check your roofing for any damage.

Type of Roof Damage

Depending on the type of roof you have, you may be more susceptible to damage. Shingle roofing typically will need more repairs than any other type of roofing. The two different roofing types are aluminum roofing and TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin). If you are using shingles for your manufactured home’s roof, you should check for damage. Since mobile homes cannot bear as much weight as a stick-built home, you cannot use as many layers of shingles in most cases. This weight-bearing issue means that damage to a shingle roof on a mobile home is more severe than on a site-built home. It is unlikely that storms would have damaged the roof itself for aluminum and TPO roofing.

If poor weather is damaging your roof, it is likely hurting the insulation underneath the outer layer. This insulation is a waterproofing material that is one of your mobile home’s primary water defenses. You should replace shingles about every 20 years, TPO every 30 years, and metal roofs every 50 years. Even though TPO and metal roofs last a long time, the waterproofing can become damaged between replacements. With spring showers headed our way, you must take the time to check your roofing!

Repairing the Windows

Checking all of your windows during spring can save you big money on energy costs for just a little bit of your time! Noticing a broken window is easy, but it is also essential to ensure that all windows are tightly secured in their frames and not letting in air. If they are not secure, escaping air will significantly increase costs to cool your home. Replacing or repairing damaged windows is cost-effective in the long run, especially as we are entering the warmer months. If you have a broken glass windowpane, replacing the pane will be less expensive but more complex. You will need to measure the window to ensure you are getting the correct pane size.

Repairing the Underbelly

Many will often neglect the bottom of their mobile home as you can’t see it from eye level. However, it is one of the primary defenses against pests and rodents that pose a threat to your mobile home’s security. As things start to warm up this spring and animals become more active; you must have a secured underbelly.

When you check the bottom of your mobile home, you may notice small or medium-sized holes. In unfortunate cases, if the whole underbelly is damaged, it is best to replace the entire thing. You will need a piece of polyethylene that is slightly larger than the part that you are patching for manageable holes. You will want to clean around the underbelly area to be fixed so that there is no dust or debris. Before restoring the spot, you can add insulation if any fell out. It is easiest to complete these repairs with a repair kit.

Repairing the Skirting 

Skirting on your mobile home is your other primary defense against pests. No one wants a wasps nest taking root underneath their mobile home this spring. Making sure all of the skirting is in place is a must. Take a walk around the perimeter of your mobile home and ensure that all of you have fastened all of your skirtings adequately. You can even give the boards a check by slightly pushing on them. Replacing broken boards is very easy and should be a DIY project if at all possible. Today, there are many different styles that you can choose for your skirting. If you decide it is best to replace the skirting’s entirety, consider choosing brick or stone skirting. 

Wrapping it up…

You hopefully will not have to complete all of these repairs this year alone. However, if you still haven’t checked your mobile home for any of these things, do it today! Make sure that your mobile home is ready for this spring. Checking the AC, roof, windows, underbelly, and skirting will ensure a fun spring and will put your mind at ease. Get all the parts you need before the warm weather, and the storms roll around!

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