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5 Tips to Consider Before Purchasing Your Mobile Home

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If you’re like the other 20 million Americans that have made the switch, you’ve probably recently been sold on the mobile home lifestyle. And rightfully so. Purchasing a mobile home is an excellent start-up option. Mobile homes give you a scaled-down version of homeownership and you get the benefit of paying less money up-front as well. Having a smaller living space to keep up with can also benefit first-time homeowners because they may not be used to taking care of a larger living space. A minimal layout is a smarter way to ease your way into homemaking.

Tip 1: Understand Mobile Home Layouts and Designs Before You Buy

Breaking mobile homes down to the base design is crucial to help determine what style suits you. Two common types of layouts are a single-wide mobile home and a double-wide mobile home. Just as the name implies, the double-wide is almost like having two single-wide frames put together but there other differences between the two models.

The layout of a single-wide mobile home differs slightly because rooms typically share walls and are stacked back-to-back. Double-wide mobile homes typically have hallways that break up space and also provide a bit of a sound barrier for occupants. Not only does this expand the overall layout, it mimics a traditional home blueprint. This gives mobile home owners additional space such as dining rooms, extra bathrooms or sunrooms. This is a recommended option if you have multiple people living in one unit. If additional space is not as important to you or if you are looking to downsize, a single-wide mobile home might be the better option for you.

Tip 2: Consider Used If You Want to Save Money

Although the market for mobile homes varies from traditional homebuying, your checklist should remain the same. Consider what is important to you and decide how much space is too much. If you have a strict budget thaWoman Typing On A Computer.t you are trying to stick to, a used mobile home can help you stick to it. It provides you all the benefits of a traditional house without the high taxes or outrageous mortgage rates. With proper care and maintenance, a used mobile home built within the last 5-7 years can be a fantastic financial investment.

With good bones and consistent upkeep, these homes will last for years and will not at all stretch your budget. Also, used mobile homes are often great for negotiating a lower price and still prove to be an amazing deal. If you come across a homeowner that has been responsible with the upkeep and performed proper maintenance, your used mobile home should last you for many years.

Tip 3: What Add-On Amenities Are Important to You

If you feel your mobile home is a basic model or you wish to make it your own style, there are add-on features you should consider. Pitched roofs and shingle style can make your roof stand out and let your unique design shine. Pick your favorite material and color to match your mobile home’s overall scheme.

Siding will also help increase your home’s value. Vinyl siding has an especially elegant look and is bound to turn heads in your neighborhood. It will give your mobile home a traditional, homey ambiance. Hardwood floors are also a custom design choice that will benefit your mobile home and raise its value. Particleboard or faux flooring not only looks cheap, it is one of the lowest quality flooring options available. Choose real hardwood to give your mobile home a touch of charm and again, increase the overall value of your space.

Tip 4: Find a Reliable Transporter to Take it With You

Now that you’ve purchased the exact home you want, what’s next? Getting it to your lot or mobile home park can be a challenge if the dealership has a moving crew. If not, you may be responsible for moving your new purchase yourself or at least finding your own site. People often get their own transport team to save a little bit of money. Don’t feel obligated to use the dealership’s crew. Sometimes this is a service they can upcharge and if you are looking for a cheap and easy transaction, this might not be a good route. However, if the move is included or the price is fair, you may want to use the resources they provide. The decision is up to you and what is best for the budget.

WOman Standing On A Deck Off Of A Camper.

Tip 5: Mobile Homes Can Provide You with Your Dream Home

The most important thing to remember with a mobile home lifestyle is that you can make it as customized and personalized to your own style as you want. Mobile homes are incredibly energy efficient and can be an excellent way to go green, right down to the construction. Manufacturers are able to experiment with materials and supplies that most builders do not utilize with traditional home building. Not only is the outcome more environmentally friendly but it can be extremely unique.

Most amenities are still available to mobile homes despite what most people will tell you. Luxuries like  Jacuzzis or fireplaces are available to mobile homeowners that want to make their home more inviting. Just because your home might be on a smaller scale doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your need for comfort. Larger appliances and fixtures can still be a part of your vision, just scaled down. Many mobile homes still have a soaking bathtub or walk-in shower despite a common misconception that mobile home bathrooms can’t accommodate them. The beauty of the mobile home lifestyle is having all the conveniences and comforts of a traditional home but with the ability to transport.

Making the Switch to a Mobile Home Lifestyle

Back Off A Van With Curtains Pulled Up.If you are looking to be a homeowner on a budget or simply want to have a more environmentally friendly home, mobile homes may be for you. No other model living situation can offer you your ideal home at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are looking to build, buy new or purchase a used mobile home, mobile living can accommodate your lifestyle goals. Don’t let money or location limit your needs. A mobile home will offer you the dream home you envisioned and still remain within your means.

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