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Are You Ready For the RV Life?

Millions of Americans are ditching their homes to embrace the RV lifestyle of travel and minimalism. Although this lifestyle is not for the faint of the heart, it can be agreed upon the modern nomadic RV life is an adventure in and of itself! As you can imagine, leaving a spacious house with multiple bedrooms into a space that is a mere few hundred square feet can have its challenges. So why have millions of Americans take up the RV lifestyle? What are the benefits, and how can they afford to travel across the country? We will help you answer the most common RV life questions, and maybe by the end of this blog, you will be ready to take on the RV life. 

RV Lifestyle Movement

The RV Industry Association quotes that 1 million Americans have taken up full-time living in RVs. Although the reasons may vary, some individuals take on this lifestyle by choice, where others cannot afford other housing options. According to the Statistical Survey, last year was a record high for RV sales. With more than a 19.5 percent increase over 2020 in sales, consisting of 507,200 RVs being sold, according to RVIA. 

There is no official term for those taking part in the RV lifestyle. Most refer to themselves as “full-time RVers”, “digital nomads” or “workampers”. It might sound crazy to leave behind material possessions and permanently live out of an RV to some. Still, to others, this can be an opportunity of a lifetime or an adventure worth having.  

Accumulating Experiences Instead Of Material Items

While some RVers love the flexibility living out of an RV offers, others thrive on collecting new experiences. The accumulation of experiences is one of the most apparent benefits of being a modern nomad. Looking out your window each morning to discover a new view, how could anyone resist? RVers have the opportunity to be in the mountains one day and the beach the next. There is nothing holding them back but the road ahead. 

Although the RVing lifestyle allows you to accumulate experiences, it limits your ability to material belongings. Typically individuals are forces to consider what material items are necessary due to the limited small living space. Meaning there is no room for junk, just the necessities. Shedding personal belonging can often be difficult for those new to the lifestyle. However, it can seem refreshing for some by allowing them to priorities what is essential. 

Relationships and Connecting With Others

Being on the road consistently can change your relationships. Living in small quarters can bring families and couples together to form deeper connections. Families such as the Meinhofers and Boohers stated in the Washington Post their reasons for being nomads were their family. They were tired of working nine to five jobs and missing out on time together as a family. Both the Meinhofers and Booher’s wanted to connect more deeply with their kids and allow them to see more of the United States. Today Jessica Meinhofer works remotely, homeschooling her two kids from their RV. The Booher’s say their five children can make friends everywhere they stop. 

Being on the road changes your relationships. The RV lifestyle does bring opportunities for traveling families to come together. However, maintaining current relationships with family and friends could cause some concerns. Switching to an RV life may feel like your leaving beloved friends behind. On the other hand, it is always easy for nomads to visit since their homes have four wheels. The RV lifestyle might be something to consider for those with friends and families spread out across the country. You can stay as long as you want, and you don’t even have to ask for the guest bedroom.

Working and Cost of RV Life

One of the first questions most individuals considering the RV life ask about is working and the cost of living. For many people, living in an RV can end up costing less than owning or renting a home. According to Kristin Haynes of The Wayward Home, living in an RV can cost as little as $1400 a month. Monthly expenditures can dramatically depend on how mindful the travelers are of spending. Kristin has included the loan or rental payments for the RC, gas expenses for moving around a few times a year, groceries, insurance, and utilities in this cost.

The Bank of America states that the mean monthly average for just housing in the U.S. is $1709. While some pay more or less than that amount a month for their accommodation, the RV lifestyle looks pretty cheap. It is essential to keep in mind that although it is possible to have a lower cost of living in an RV, this greatly depends on how mindful you are. Some RVers spend more each month than the mean monthly average, depending on frequently they move, the amount of traveling companions, and so forth. 

Working Remote

Having a lower cost of living can leave RVers able to work more flexible hours. Remote employment, such as writing, customer service, or freelance work, can often allow workers to choose their schedules. In addition, some RVers work “gig work,” cleaning campsites, harvesting crops, or filling in as security guards. You can learn about gigs by word of mouth, on Workamper News, or Facebook groups like one for Workampers with more than 30,000 members. Others work seasonally through programs like Amazon’s Camperforce or other big companies such as J.C. Penny to help in warehouses during the peak holiday season from September through December. For more information for mentioned of employment for travelers, check out this blog from thetravel

The RV Life

While there are multiple benefits of living an RV life, anyone interest in trying does not have to jump straight in. Instead, rental companies offer a variety of campers to provide travelers a chance to try out different features and models before investing in one of their own. 

Millions of Americans have rushed to establish a new form of the American Dream, embracing the RV lifestyle of travel and minimalism. Although this lifestyle is an adventure in and of itself, it is not for the faint of heart. After taking a brief overview of the most asked questions when considering the RV life, there is only one question left unanswered. Are you ready to take on the RV life?

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