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Choosing the Right Mobile Home Bathtub

Remodeling or outfitting a new bathroom can be a major undertaking. At, we have all the parts and supplies you need to complete your project and make a wonderful bathroom for you and your family to enjoy.

The most difficult part of the project is usually the biggest part, too. In this case, it’s your bathtub—and we stock a wide variety of mobile home bathtubs. You’ll need to decide how large you want it, what color, and what shape. Fortunately, we have a wide variety of mobile home bathtubs designed to fit any style and shape of bathroom. We offer standard rectangular bathtubs, measuring 54 inches by 27 inches, in both flexible ABS as well as durable fiberglass.

If you’re looking for something larger, consider one of our garden tubs. These come in numerous sizes and drain configurations. These mobile home bathtubs feature a large, comfortable bowl, a choice of interior or exterior steps, and offer ample deck space for all of your bathing products and accessories. For a more prominent and luxurious installation, check out one of the corner tubs we offer, or design a lavish centerpiece to your bathroom with an island mount tub.

When you’re planning your project, don’t forget the wall-surround for your tub or the other fixtures you’ll need, like towel bars, faucets and shower heads, drains, or shower doors. We recommend professional installation for all bathroom plumbing projects, particularly mobile home bathtubs. But if you feel like taking on the project yourself, we can help you get everything you need to make the job painless. Order one of our mobile home bathtubs today, and it will be delivered by truck to your home where you or your contractor can install it in its final location. As always, if you have any questions about our selection of bathroom fixtures or mobile home bathtubs, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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