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A Very Merry Mobile Home Holiday: Decorating on a Budget

We are in the midst of the holiday season. If you haven’t already, it is time to get your mobile home merry and bright. Whether you go all out this winter or want just some minimalist décor ideas, here are a few tips to spruce up your mobile home décor. Although working in a limited space can be challenging, there are a number of innovative things to try that will enhance your style and make your mobile home décor a bit more festive this holiday.

If you want a simple, yet creative approach to the holidays, consider some of these decorating tips for your mobile living space. Whether you want to decorate vinyl windows or even just spruce up your mobile home doors, these holiday inspirations will certainly deck your single-wide halls. Try some of these festive ideas in your own design, as they are easy on your budget and extremely easy to create.

Mobile Home Holiday Tip #1: Pallets Make a Great Backdrop

A huge fad is decorating with wood pallets. The material is a dream because it is as versatile as it is accessible. Pallets are a dime a dozen, if not free from local businesses. Wood pallets are a fantastic combination of natural and modern design, which make a great design platform. String some Christmas lights, LED bulbs and holly across the sides for a festive holiday flair. Also, paint for a stylish and artistic background for your decorations. Love Spelled Out In Large Letters.

Another popular thing to do with pallets is to put plants in them. The slats between the boards serve as fantastic boxes or holders for various plants. Adding rosemary, garland or other plants to your pallet will give it some life as well as a rustic feel. The combination of life and rustic will make it the perfect woodsy décor piece and appropriate to leave up through the spring.

Mobile Home Holiday Tip #2: Gift Décor is a Must

It can’t be the holiday season without some decorative presents. Especially in a mobile home where your space may be a bit narrower than a conventional house, it’s important to maximize space. Hanging decorations are a great way to get the style and theme you want for the holidays without taking up a lot of space and cramming décor into a room.

A popular décor theme is gifts and packages. If you aren’t doing a tree one year or you want the look of wrapped gifts once all the presents have been opened, consider adding faux presents to your décor. Wrapping your mobile home door is a great way to achieve the look of a gift without having packages all over your mobile home. Whether you use your front, back or an interior door, mobile home doors are the perfect shape for some wrapping paper or ribbon. Simply tape down the sides as you would a present and run a ribbon up the center of it. Top with a decorative bow to make the package complete. Any mobile home door will work for this style and shape is irrelevant. All it takes is some creativity and adjusting with your wrapping paper.

Presents On A Red Background.Also, packages hung on the wall work great. Many people wrap their artwork as well for the holiday season to achieve this same great look on the wall. One cheap option if you don’t have any art hanging around is to use spare mobile home supplies. Furnace filters are a great size and light enough to be hung with ease. They are thin enough that no one will knock them off the wall either. This is an extremely easy craft using spare supplies which most people have sitting next to their mobile home furnace. If you don’t have any spare filters, they are a cheap addition to your crafting supply list.

Mobile Home Holiday Tip #3: Hang Your Wreaths or Trees

A growing fad has been hanging your tree. This trend is great for those looking to maximize space and not sacrifice mobile home décor. Keep your living space just as festive without a cumbersome tree. Don’t sacrifice your holiday style in an attempt to save space. Hanging trees attach to the wall or to the ceiling with ease and still give you a festive design.

Mobile home windows are a fantastic place to hang a wreath. Garland and wreaths are also a great way to get that natural pine look but prevent cluttering up your home with a tree. Whatever your mobile home layout may be, everyone can fit a wreath in the window or on a mobile home door. If you have stylish aluminum or vinyl windows, a wreath will add a pop of color and accent the material nicely. Consider adding small packages to your wreath to achieve that same great holiday tree theme but in a much more compact space.

Mobile Holiday Tip #4: Don’t Neglect Your Mobile Home Windows

When you are decorating all of your mobile home windows don’t forget your skylights. For a fun, subtle effect, hang or attach stars and ornaments to the inside of your mobile home skylight. It will not only be a simple decoration but the light will hit the shiny surfaces and cause colorful reflections around the room. Also, cover the skylight completely with a colored plastic wrap to add a red or green tint to the room. It will add a pleasant glow to any holiday party.

Making Seasonal Crafts Fun for Everyone

Christmas Decorations Hanging From Twine.

One thing is for certain, no matter how old you are, it is never too late to decorate for the holidays. Especially with friends and family, decorating and crafting can be a fun bonding experience for everyone. It is a fantastic way to start traditions and make lasting memories. All these tips are easily within your budget and using common things most of us have around the house. Take advantage of this time with your loved ones and create a special atmosphere in your mobile home. Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Kwanzaa or Christmas in a mobile home, we wish you a season filled with memories surrounded by loved ones. Happy Holidays from the Mobile Home Parts Store.

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