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How To: Installing Surrounds in Mobile Home Bathroom Showers

How To: Installing Surrounds in Mobile Home Bathroom Showers

In one of our previous how-to articles, we looked at installing a new pan in your mobile home bathroom showers. However, if you’re not installing a new pan or tub and instead just want to replace the old and worn-out shower surround, how do you proceed without completely tearing out everything? Good news, friends: we’ve got this handy guide for you to do just such a thing! Start by browsing our selection of shower surrounds for mobile home bathrooms, order the one you like the best, and then get down to the dirty work!

Prep Work

First, remove the spout and faucet handles if you have a tub and they are mounted on the wall. Also, remove any other accessories that are wall mounted and not part of the existing shower surround like soap dishes, grab bars, and the like.

If there is an existing shower surround, remove it now.

If there is any damage to the walls, now is the time to patch them. Also, if there is tile on the walls, it should be roughed up with coarse sandpaper or a power sander to make it easier for the adhesive to stick to. Take the time to clean and recaulk the joint between the wall and the tub or shower pan. Once the surround is installed this will be covered.

Fitting the Surround

Using the carton that the surround came in as a template, mark the locations of the spout and faucet handles any other fixtures that need to protrude through the surround. Transfer those locations to the panels of the surround and use a hole-saw or jigsaw to cut them out.

If you’re installing a single-piece surround you can skip these next two steps.

Check the directions that came with the surround and see if there is a specific order in which the panels need to be installed. Have an assistant hold the panels in place while you mark the top and side edges on the wall.

If you need to trim any of the panels, a utility knife will be sufficient, but on some heavier matterials you may need a powered saw.

Attaching the Surround to the Wall

The adhesive that is used for shower surrounds is very strong and you should follow any directions that are included with it. Pay special attention to any directions that tell you to expose glue to the air for any period of time before attaching the panels to the wall. If you don’t allow the glue to set, the bond won’t be as strong and your new shower surround could peel off in a short time.

Affix the panels in the prescribed order, if any, and let the adhesive bond. Don’t use the shower until the adhesive has cured for the proper length of time. Introducing moisture during this crucial time can cause serious problems.

Reinstall the spout, faucet handles, and any other accessories that were removed at the beginning. Finally, seal all the joints with a good shower caulk and let it dry as well.

Once the adhesive and caulk have both had the appropriate amount of time to cure, you can start using your newly revitalized shower!


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