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How To Wash And Maintain RV Awnings

If you have an RV awning, you know how useful it is for your camping lifestyle. Creating shade and relaxing outdoors without the fear of sunburn is a luxury. You can forget smelly and sticky sprays and lotions to keep the sun at bay—now, you have your own portable shade that rides with your RV. The best part is how easy it is to put RV awnings up and down. However, there are some key maintenance techniques you should keep in mind so that your RV awning remains looking new and is as functional as the day you bought it.

You know that you need to keep the outside of your RV clean, and you need to do the same thing for RV awnings. You should use a solution of soap and warm water to scrub down the canvas and aluminum on your RV awning every time you pull it out and put it back into storage. You also should make sure that you let it dry in between cleaning and storing, because if the RV awning is wet, the metal on it could rust. That would make it difficult to use. If you have one, an extendable brush is the best way to clean it.

White Jug Of RV Awning Cleaner

If you find that you have mildew anywhere on the awning, you can actually use household bleach and bathroom mildew remover to get rid of any gunk that has built up. If you are worried about getting wet and dirty from cleaning your RV awning, you can also be creative and use a garden sprayer to reach all the corners of the RV awning without soaking yourself. Also, you should make sure that you repair any holes that pop up in the canvas of your awning. As awnings are put up and torn down, holes can form, and they only get bigger with wear and tear. It’s always good to use sealer or sew a canvas patch on your awning to prevent a tear from becoming unfixable. Finally, you should regularly inspect your awning to make sure that there are no damages that could become worse over time.

If you’re at all hesitant about creating your own solution to wash your RV, especially if you have mildew or mold, you may want to consider purchasing our Camco RV Awning Cleaner. This cleaner has the perfect mix of soaps to keep it squeaky clean and mold free. And, if you don’t have an RV awning yet, what are you waiting for?! RV awnings are the height of convenience on the road. Treat yourself to a real vacation and get one of our RV awnings.

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