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Keep your RV secure with products from your favorite RV parts store!

When you take your RV to the great outdoors, you know that you will have a wonderful time hiking and exploring nature. However, one of the downsides is that you have to leave your RV parked and by itself all day long. When your RV is by itself, it is prime prey for burglars who want to get to all of your possessions inside. And, if you have ever had your RV broken into, you know the violation of privacy and fear that comes with a break-in. It’s hard to feel safe when your personal space has been violated.

White piece of plastic that goes between the door and the door frame to prevent forced entry

However, you don’t have to live in fear that your RV will be a target for thieves and robbers. You are able to pick up a brand new product from your RV parts store that will protect your home and give you the sense of security that you need in order to fully enjoy your day outside exploring new hiking trails. Introducing the Latch Sav’r Theft Deterrent! It’s perfect for protecting your RV and will give you security and peace of mind when you aren’t home. These latches come in different colors to match the different kinds of doors that you may have, and works specifically with outswing doors. If you prefer pins, we also sell security pins that will attach to your door and deter burglars. And of course, don’t forget one of the most important safety features: blinds. Blinds help ensure that your RV won’t be noticed for all the personal items you have on the inside. Maintaining privacy is key to protecting your RV, and getting a simple set of blinds from the RV parts store is an easy solution to this problem.

Don’t be left worrying the entire time you’re on vacation—vacations are meant to enjoy and relax, not be paranoid and worried that your RV is left unprotected. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your RV will stand up against robbers so that you can have a carefree time in the great outdoors. Pick up all the latches, pins, and blinds that you need from your favorite RV parts store:

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