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Mobile Home Doors: Buyer’s Guide

Mobile Home Front Door

Mobile Home doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you are getting ready to buy a new mobile home door you may be intimidated by all of the options that are available online, or even at your traditional home maintenance store. As with any purchase for your mobile home, gaining a better understanding of what you are buying is going to help tremendously. Measuring correctly, buying the corresponding size, finding a durable door, and choosing a mobile home door that you like the look of are the steps to success! Other than this, you should learn how to install the door once it arrives if you have not done so before. If you’re in the market for a mobile home door, figure out which one meets your needs and fits your budget, then we can deliver it directly to you.

Mobile Home Doors

Man Measuring Mobile Home Door

If you are looking for a mobile home door replacement for your patio, or even a mobile home back door, measurement and selection will be key. There are many different sizes to choose from, but first, we need to know how to properly measure your door. Many mobile homeowners make the mistake of measuring the door itself. This is intuitive and is an understandable error, however, it is not the correct way to take the measurement. Instead, measuring from the door frame is the correct way. You will want to get a measurement from side to side, and then from top to bottom of the frame. 

Now that you have your measurements, you can start looking at which door you want to purchase. For example, if you are looking for a 32×76 mobile home door, which is the most common size on newer mobile homes, you can narrow down your search significantly! Next, you will want to think about the different aspects you are interested in. Are you looking for a mobile home back door? If you are looking for a mobile home door replacement, you might want to consider something a bit more durable. If you live in a colder climate you should consider the insulation of the door. Otherwise, a poorly insulated door can lead to higher energy costs and an overworked HVAC system. Consider the durability of the framing and hinges as well. If you do this, you will avoid future costs of another door replacement.

Mobile home doors have some typical issues that bother mobile homeowners. Once you have installed your mobile home door, you will want to avoid the potential pitfalls of mobile home doors. 

Common Issues with Mobile Home Doors

The most common issues for mobile home doors come from an unlevel foundation in your mobile home. This will put pressure on the door frame, the door hinges, and the door itself. In more extreme cases of an unleveled foundation, the doorframe becomes crooked enough that closing and opening the door is extremely difficult. You may find that this issue is exacerbated in the fall as temperatures begin to decline.

If your door is currently out of alignment and you are looking for a mobile home door replacement, make sure you have leveled the home before attaching the new door. Otherwise, you will face very similar issues with your new door. 

Similarly, if the mobile home is not leveled properly, there will be a lot of unwanted stress on the door hinges. This may cause loose, tight, or even broken hinges on the door. Again, leveling your mobile home will be key.

Installing Mobile Home Doors

Mobile Home Community Front Doors

Installation of your new mobile home doors should not intimidate you if you have not done it yet. Yes, you must take the proper steps to ensure a quality installment, but we are here to help! Informative guides and videos available on our website and/or youtube channel will be able to assist you in the measurement and installment of your new door.

We have created step-by-step guides for how to measure and install combination doors, outswing doors, and storm doors. These three simple installment guides will save you a lot of time and energy. You will be able to follow the step-by-step instructions to install your door in no time. The installment project in total will likely last less than two hours. If you would like additional instruction you can view one of our videos on the installation of mobile home doors.

Mobile Home Door Parts

If you don’t need a completely new door, you may just be looking for a new doorknob or a different accessory like a doorstop, hinges, etc. Hinges and doorknobs break and need to be replaced much more often than a whole door would. These items are much easier to replace and will also cost much less. 

Consider installing a chain latch on your door if you do not have a locking mechanism yet. You can also easily install a stainless steel deadbolt lock. This is a bit more expensive but has proven to be extremely effective in stopping unwanted guests from entering your home. Doorstops and doorknob wall guards will also be useful in protecting the walls and the door from any dents or damage. If you are particular about the type of doorknob you want, whether it be for a storm door, an outswing door, or any other door, you can always change the doorknob later. Patio doors can have the handles changed as well. 

Additional Tips

  1. Level Your Home

    By far, the most important step before or after installing your new door will be ensuring that your home is leveled properly. This will take some time to do, but is very worth it, and will save you money in the long haul. Not only will this prevent issues with your door and framing, but can prevent issues like cracks and leaks in your home. 
  1. Do Not Remove Shipping Clips

    An accident that some make when installing their door is removing the shipping clips before the door is secured. Removing them before the door is installed will ruin the pre-squaring from the manufacturer.
  1. Prepare Your Tools

    Make sure to have your tools handy before you get started with the installation of your door. You will need a measuring tape, a power drill, non-hardening sealant tape (like putty tape), and finally proper drill bits and hex screws. 


Mobile Home Back Door

It is worth taking the extra time to do your research and decided on which door you will order. Researching and understanding how to properly measure and install your door is even more important. If all of the steps above are considered, you will have no problem installing or replacing your mobile home doors. If you are ready to pick out your new mobile home door or need a replacement now, we have the doors you are looking for!

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