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Mobile Home Roof Repair: Peel and Seal

Peel and Seal is a self-stick laminate system that is the easiest and best solution for mobile home roof repair or other low-slope roofing. If you have a standard EPDM roof that leaks and is showing its age, grab one of the rolls of Peel and Seal we have available. Peel & Seal comes in convenient widths of 4in, 6in, 12in, 18in, and full-size 36in rolls for total mobile home roof repair applications. It’s incredibly flexible and will conform to any contours on the surface of your roof. If you’re just patching some leaks around a vent pipe or hatch, use one of the narrower rolls like tape. If you’d like to rehab your entire roof, go with the wider roll and lay it down easily over the entire roof. You can easily cut around pipes and vents without damaging Peel and Stick’s ability to seal and protect your roof. You can even use the narrow rolls to repair or replace flashing on your home, or to line and repair leaking gutters.

Mobile home roof repair to keep annoying and damaging drips out of your home is just part of what Peel and Seal does. It also meets or exceeds EPA Energy Star guidelines and keeps your home efficient. The aluminum surface, which comes either in a natural finish or in white, reflects heat and will save you money by keeping the inside of your home cool in the harsh summer sun.

It couldn’t be any easier to install, either! There is no glue, torches, or tape required for installation and you don’t have to apply a coating or cover layer after it’s installed. The only thing you’ll need to do is to mop down your existing roof surface with Weatherbond primer to prepare it for the self-stick Peel and Seal. The ease of using Peal and Seal for mobile home roof repair doesn’t mean that it isn’t durable, though. It’s been laboratory tested in conditions simulating 100 mph winds and 8in or rain per hour. Peel and Seal even self-sealed around the nails that the testers drove into it. The manufacturer is so confident in it that they gave it a 10 year warranty. Whatever you need, Peal and Seal is the right fit. Give us a call today and we’ll set up your order for your mobile home roof repair project.

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