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Mobile Home Skirting: Make your Home Prettier and More Livable

Skirting is an absolute must for every mobile home. It not only gives your home a completed look by hiding structural elements like the foundation posts, plumbing, and electrical utilities, but it also makes your mobile home more livable. In most parts of the country, having skirting is even part of the law. The right mobile home skirting will insulate the underside of your home and retain warmth during cold winters to save on expensive heating costs. It will also prevent costly repairs from frozen pipes. In warmer months, mobile home skirting will stop the hot summer air from building underneath the floor of your home, making it easier to keep the place cool. It’s also a great barrier to keep out animals who can chew through wires and moisture which causes rot or other structural damage under your home.

Mobile home skirting isn’t just about insulation and protection from the elements; it’s also functional in that it creates added storage space under your home. Now, seasonally-needed things like lawn care tools and mowers, outdoor games, sleds, or holiday decorations can be stored under your home behind the skirting without taking up valuable space inside.

We offer a large selection of mobile home skirting online. We carry everything from our deluxe vinyl skirting to the incredibly realistic and popular Reil rock skirting in a variety of colors and sizes. We also offer Novik artificial brick and stone skirting, as well as the impressive R-COTEC insulated foam skirting that is available through a custom quote. Don’t forget to pick up all the skirting accessories, like access doors and vents, which you’ll need to complete your project.

To determine how much skirting you’ll need for your mobile home, simply measure the perimeter of your home and order that length in your choice of style that satisfies your taste for the look of your home. You’ll also need venting and an access door. A common guideline is at least one vent in the skirting for every 150 sq. ft. of floor space inside your home, but you check local laws to determine how many are required. If you need any help, give us a call and we’ll make sure you get the right pieces for your mobile home skirting.


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