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Mobile Home Windows: Buyer’s Guide

Replacing mobile home windows can save a ton on energy costs over the year, especially if your current windows are letting in outside air. Alongside the financial reasons to replace your windows, they can also completely transform your mobile home’s look. However, many who own a mobile home are unsure of where to start when it comes to replacing their windows. There are many different window designs, brands, and materials to choose from. It can be overwhelming to choose from a vast selection of mobile home windows and accessories. How are you supposed to know which ones best suit your needs? Even more than this, window installation is something that many are not confident doing on their own. In this guide, we will discuss the types of windows, how to install windows on a mobile home, and common pitfalls that buyers fall into.

Types of Windows for Mobile Homes

 First and foremost, understanding the types of windows available for purchase is vital. Understanding which windows best suit your needs is the most important part of the process. The most cost-effective window options on the market will likely be aluminum windows. Traditionally, the look of these windows was not favorable to most buyers. In recent years, however, aluminum windows for mobile homes have become much more stylish and are no longer an eyesore on your home. This option will get the job done and offers almost all of the same benefits as higher-end window replacements like decent energy efficiency and great durability. The main issue with aluminum windows is that aluminum conducts the cold and heat more than other window types. Another potential issue to consider is corrosion. Like any other metal, aluminum windows will have difficulty with salt in the air. If these issues do not seem worth the short-term savings to you, there are other mobile home window options.

The second, and the most widely used option would be vinyl mobile home windows. To start, these windows tend to be more visually appealing to those in the market. They also overcome many of aluminum’s downfalls. Vinyl windows for mobile homes do not conduct heat or cold very much at all, unlike aluminum windows. This will lead to increased savings on energy costs throughout the year, especially for those in colder climates that have cold seasons lasting 3 months or longer. Vinyl windows tend to cost a bit more than aluminum but offer savings in the long run that far surpass the price paid.

The last type of mobile home window that we will discuss is Low-E vinyl windows. These are an upgrade, even from vinyl windows, but are the most energy-efficient option. Low-E stands for low energy, as these windows are nearly perfect for insulating your home. They use a special tinted Low-E glass along with argon gas to minimize the thermal conductivity.

Open window letting light into the mobile home

Install Windows On a Mobile Home

Replacing windows on your mobile home will not be too difficult if you have purchased the right sized window for your mobile home. If you have replaced a normal window before, and have moderate carpentry skills, you should have no problem replacing a window on your own. 

Measurement will be key for this project since it becomes much more difficult to resize your windows. Many make the mistake of measuring the windows they are to replace. You must remember to measure the opening of where the old window is removed. Ideally, you will have these measurements on hand, either from a blueprint or from the old windows.

To remove the old windows on your mobile home, remove the aluminum or vinyl siding surrounding the window in most cases. This will allow you to reach the screws that are holding the frame in place. 

Next, you will want to prepare for the installation of new windows in the opening or openings of the old ones. You will want to remove the old putty or caulking that was used to seal the old window. This should be exactly where you will put the new putty or caulking to seal your new window. You will also want to use new screws for the new window as repeated use of the same screws will lead to difficulty in future replacements or repairs. 

Finally, you can seal the window by using silicone sealant around the perimeter of the window frame. Now you can put the siding back into place. If you haven’t run into any inconveniences, then you have completed your DIY project! For more extensive help view our guides on installing aluminum windows and vinyl windows on a mobile home.

Closed mobile home windows on a beige wall

 Typical Issues with Mobile Home Windows

The most common issue that people face with the windows on their mobile homes is window frames that are out of alignment. This is typically due to an unlevel home that causes unwanted pressure on the frames of the windows (and doors). Unfortunately, this can lead to windows and doors that do not open and close easily, or at all. 

To diagnose this issue, first, note whether or not the floor is creaking often when you walk around the home. This is a very easy way to detect an unlevel mobile home, but may also be due to weaker or old floorboards. Most importantly, test all of the exterior doors and windows in the home and make sure that they all open and close completely. Doors that do not latch or need a ton of force to open and close could be due to an unlevel mobile home. Before installing your new windows, you will need to level the home. 

Outside view of windows on a teal mobile home

Additional Tips

  • Always keep some wooden shims handy in your mobile home. This will help if you have found a doorframe or window frame that is out of alignment due to an unlevel home. However, it is also going to come in handy during the installation of your new mobile home windows. 
  • For help with doors that are out of alignment, try adjusting the hinges for a temporary fix. This will take pressure off of the hinges until you can get a replacement and level the home. 
  • Take advantage of our 30-day refund policy! We aim to leave our customers completely satisfied 100% of the time. To do this, we offer a refund for 30 days after the invoice date for any customers who are not satisfied or have ordered the wrong product. This can be very handy if you have ordered the wrong size replacement for your windows.
family looking out of an open window


Replacing windows may seem like a daunting task at first. The project can become much easier if you have the right information, and purchase the right products! Make sure to consider your budget and consider the savings you will earn on energy costs throughout the year. If you live in a colder climate, you can save large amounts throughout the year by installing high-quality windows. Determine which products make sense for your situation and budget! For any additional information needed, view our installation guides on our website. If you do happen to place an order with us, know that we are here to help. We can get the replacements you need to your door ASAP!


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