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Mobile Homes After a Storm

Florida is known for its beautiful weather and as a place to put your worries behind you. But, unfortunately, along with the good comes the bad. Florida also faces unpredictable and occasional weather during hurricane season. These sometimes devastating storms leave a wake in their path. While preparing for hurricane season is crucial, it is just as important to know how to take care of your mobile homes after a storm. When a major storm hits, you will want to follow a few key steps.

Mobile Homes After a Storm: Safety First

Staying Safe

After a natural disaster, it can be devastating. Although this is an emotional time for those affected, it is essential to remain calm and be safe. During emergencies, police or medical services may not be available to assist. Therefore, please be careful and aware of your surroundings.

If you plan on returning home, stay tuned to your location radio stations for information and when it is safe to return. Have a picture I.D. with your current address on hand at all times, and go directly to your mobile home. Authorities may ask you to leave depending on the severity of the damage.

For those planning on driving, only dive when necessary and avoid all flooded roads and standing water. Always carry a first aid kit at all times in case of injuries.

Returning to Your Mobile Homes After a Storm

Once you have made it safely to your mobile home, enter with caution. Make sure the structure is stable before entering it. If your home contains pools of water or piles of debris, avoid them at all costs. There may be wires unsuitable for standing on within these. Never touch downed or dangling lines and avoid areas that smell of natural gas. Report downed power lines or the smell of gas to the authorities immediately, and do not return to your home until it is safe. Even if the smell of gas is not present, do not use candles, lamps, or electricity when accessing your home.

You must discard all refrigerated foods if the power has been interrupted. In addition, if flooding has occurred, all dry goods must be discarded, along with proper handling of canned foods. Canned foods need to have labels removed and sanitized to remove all bacteria or germs. Water will need to be purified if the water supply is contaminated. You can filter water by boiling it for 10 minutes or use chlorination or purification tablets.

Report Any Damage to Your Insurance Provider

While a mobile home may not require insurance for weather conditions, these additional policies could help protect your home and your wallet. However, you must purchase your insurance before the time of a disaster and review your policy regularly.

Before the storm, you should record your personal belongings and your home’s current condition. Photos are a great and easy way to take inventory of your belongings.

Claim Notification

Notify your insurance company immediately if your home was damaged. Work with your insurance company to evaluate damages before making any permanent repairs to your home. Document any damages or missing contents of your mobile home by taking pictures or writing them down to provide your insurance company right away.

As you start the process of clearing off the debris and begin to make temporary repairs around your surrounding property, it is important to document those through photos or video, along with keeping all receipts.

Claim Denial or Dispute

If your home’s insured before the storm, your insurance company could not deny a claim under an existing policy. However, if you feel your claim has been unfairly denied, your policy may require mediation or arbitration before a civil lawsuit can be filed. If your claim has been dismissed unjustly, you should contact your state department of insurance for assistance.

Clean and Repair Your Mobile Homes After a Storm

Structural Damage

Before entering, inspect your mobile home for structural damage, but beware of flood damage, home shifting, and exposed, sharp metal or glass.

Gas Leaks

If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound, you must leave your home immediately! Turn off the gas at the main valve if possible and call your local gas company. If you turn off the gas, a professional must be present to turn it back on.

Electrical System Damage

If you see sparks, broken or frayed wires, turn off the electricity at the main fuse box or circuit breaker. If you have stepped in water at all, get to the fuse box or circuit breaker and call an electrician first for advice before turning it off.

Sewer and Water Line Damage

If you suspect your sewage lines are damaged, avoid using the toilets and call your local plumber. Sewage can back up into your home and cause bacteria and illness if not avoided. You should report injured water pipes to the water company immediately. Avoid using water from the broken water lines until they are deemed safe. Instead, find a local or nearby water supply.

Consumer Protection

Unfortunately, along with tragedy comes individuals trying to take advantage of the situation. Beware of anyone coming to your home uninvited and offering home repairs that you do not know. Including individual selling services door to door, are unknown to your community, offer discount prices for “left-over” materials, and charge for estimates. Consumer fraud is widespread immediately following a natural disaster. Do not hire unlicensed contractors. Instead, obtain a list of licensed contractors from your local Bureau of Mobile Home/R.V. Construction.

Mobile Homes After a Storm: Closing

It is never easy dealing with the aftermath and destruction of a disaster. But remember, you have your community, family, and friends here at Mobile Home Parts Store here to support and help. It is essential to know how to prepare your mobile home for a natural disaster; it is just as important to understand how to pick up the pieces afterward. If you want additional information, look at to learn more about properly preparing for a storm. We hope these tips will help those of you who are currently facing damages from a recent storm, Hurricane Elsa, and any future devastations. You are in our thoughts, and we are to help with any of your mobile home repair parts needs as you get your feet back on solid ground.

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