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Portable RV Slide Out Cover

Dura-Fold Portable RV slide out covers also come in an “8’ x 53” model.  This is best for bigger slide outs.  Dura-Fold slide out covers also come in bigger sizes like the 12’ x 36”.  All are made with the same durable fabric and other materials.  Furthermore, they are all expertly manufactured in the USA.  Proper installation and care of these out covers and the slide outs they cover are important to maintain the RV.  These covers serve to catch any debris that might get into the upper side seal.  The debris can easily jam the drawing mechanism of the slide out covers.  While the choice of fabric valence is not necessary, some RV owners might see it as a nice decorative element to their RVs.  Furthermore, these valances can add to the shade provided by the slide outs.

All the necessary hardware to successfully mount these RV slide out covers are already in the package.  Since these RV add-ons entail costs, it is important for RV owners to install and maintain them to prolong its lifespan.  Folding these RV slide out covers during off seasons and while travelling is recommended.  In choosing which one to purchase, RV owners also have to make the right measurements to get the exact size to match their RV slide outs.  Since they come at a variety of dimensions, it will not be difficult to find the perfect match for any size of RV slide outs.  These portable RV slide out covers from Dura-Bilt Products, Inc. come with the company’s five year limited warranty.

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