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RV Cabinet Hardware: Small but Definitely Functional

With something like an RV that has limited space, proper storage is the way to go to keep everything organized and tidy. And the first step to an effective storage system is actually checking out your RV cabinet hardware. See if you have to update the small details like knobs, hinges and doors. This is important to make sure that your storage space will stay secure while you are moving and on the road.

Fastec 2 Way Face Frame Cabinet Door Hinges
This metal RV cabinet hardware from Fastec is self-closing. It comes in 2’s and is packed with mounting screws. It has a wrap around 4 prong base for ½” face frame.

Satin Nickel Self Close Flush Mount Cabinet Door Hinges
Self-closing hinges are becoming a trend in the RV cabinet hardware. This door hinge is mod with a satin Nickel finish with flush mount. Customers are raving about how easy to install this door hinge is. Sold in pairs with screws, it is also available in Polished Brass finish.

3″ Polished Brass/White Cabinet Pull
Add a classy touch to your cabinet with this RV cabinet hardware. This 3” polished brass with white cabinet insert is easy to install and packed with corresponding mountain screws.

1 1/4″ Polished Brass Cabinet Knob
Considered as one of the essentials in the RV cabinet hardware, this small polished Brass cabinet knob will surely add sparkle in your cabinets. Also available in Satin Nickel finish and comes with mounting screws for a hassle-free installation.

Fastec Folding Shelf Brackets
You can now have a secured folding shelf with this RV cabinet hardware. Fastec’s folding shelf brackets come in pairs. Made of high-quality and durable steel, this brown painted bracket makes it easy for you to snap your shelves in place.

Fastec Double Barrel Friction Catch with Clip
Worry no more about slipping drawers with the Fastec Double Barrel Friction catch with clip. Comes in six per pack, it has nylon catch with clip and screws for installation.

Cabinet Door Friction Catch
Another RV cabinet hardware essential is this cabinet door friction catch. Cabinet doors are surely to stay close but will still be easy to open with its self-lubricating nylon catch with brass spring clip.

Fastec Roller Catch with Strike
Another RV cabinet hardware option for hassle-free opening of cabinets while on the road is this Fastec roller catch with strike. Made of steel, each piece is durable. This functional item comes in six per package and has mounting screws great for easy installation.

Fastec Brushed Nickel Bunk Bed Slide Lock Set
Stow away your bunk bed on the wall and make more space when needed with the Fastec Brushed Nickel Bunk Bed Slide Lock Set. This piece also has multiple functions and can be used at home. Included in the package are mounting crews for easier installation.

Enjoy a hassle-free travel with these functional RV cabinet hardware pieces. Your RV storage will surely be both easy and effective with these essential items made solely for RV living. Pay attention to these small elements from time to time to be certain you have efficient compartments in your trailer. Also, check out other RV cabinet hardware items available in the site for more choices.

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