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Split-Unit Systems and You: Keeping Your Mobile Home Comfortable Year Round

Most of the systems of a mobile home are similar to those of permanent-foundation homes and that includes the HVAC system. The most common type of HVAC system is called a split-unit system. The name “split-unit” means that the system relies on two separate parts to force air through the home.

Inside, the mobile home furnace forces air through a heating element and through the home’s ducts. A mobile home furnace is typically much smaller than the unit in a traditionally constructed home, and they are almost always hidden away in a utility closet. After all, floor space is precious, and the more you save on the utilities, the more you and your family can use! If you’re looking to replace your existing furnace, make sure you know where your ducts are in your home. Ducts below the floor or in the ceiling affect which model of furnace you purchase. It also doesn’t matter which fuel source your furnace uses. Most come set up from the factory for natural gas, but most mobile home furnaces can be converted with included parts to run on propane.

The other part of a split-unit system sits outside and is used to cool your home during the hot summer. The compressor/condenser unit is what most people refer to as an “air-conditioner” on permanent homes. It sits close to your home on a concrete pad and condenses and releases the heat from the refrigerant that runs through hoses to your furnace. Inside the furnace, the refrigerant travels through a set of coils called the evaporator. In cooling mode, the mobile home’s furnace doesn’t heat the air, but instead functions just as a blower unit. It pulls the air inside your home through the duct return and over the evaporator coils which cools the air. Then the air is pushed through your ducts and out the registers back into the interior of your home.

Whether you’re replacing just your mobile home furnace or the entire split-unit HVAC system, has you covered. Click the link below and browse the different categories to find what you need to keep you and your family comfortable all year round. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call our customer service line. We will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

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