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The Allure Mobile Home Garden Tubs

mobile home garden tub

Nothing is better than unwinding in a nice, warm bath after a long, hard day at work. But here’s the catch – many bathtubs are too small to immerse yourself fully. 

If you live in a mobile home and want to take your bath to the next level, you might have heard of a “garden tub.” But what exactly is a garden tub? How big does your bathroom need to be for one? Are they expensive? And most importantly, is it the perfect bathtub for you?

Whether you’re fixing up a new space or remodeling your existing bathroom, there are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about a mobile home garden tub.


What Is a Garden Tub?

A garden tub is not your average bathtub. These tubs are designed with luxury and comfort in mind, providing a spa-like experience within the confines of your mobile home. They are incredibly spacious and comfortable, allowing you to immerse yourself and unwind fully after a long day. Often oval or rounded in shape, a garden tub stands as a freestanding centerpiece in your bathroom. 


How Big Are Mobile Home Garden Tubs?

Size matters when it comes to garden tubs, and these tubs don’t disappoint. These tubs are notably larger than standard bathtubs, offering ample space for a relaxing soak. While dimensions can vary, a typical mobile home garden tub might measure around 60 inches in length, 42 inches in width, and 24 inches in depth. This, of course, is roughly the size of a standard oval garden tub. But, some tubs can be even bigger, with some going up to 70 inches wide, 70 inches long, and a water depth of 30 inches.

Common sizes for garden tubs include:

  • 54Wx27L
  • 54Wx40L
  • 54Wx42L
  • 54Wx54L
  • 54Wx40L
  • 60Wx40L
  • 60Wx42L
  • 60Wx48L


How Much Water Can a Mobile Home Garden Tub Hold?

A regular mobile home garden tub usually contains 100 to 150 gallons of water. The specific amount it can hold depends on the tub’s size and how deep it is.


What Shapes Do Garden Tubs Come In?

Garden tubs come in different shapes to match various preferences and space limitations. However, they all share a common feature—they are oval or rounded in some way. This more modern design allows for a deeper water level similar to a basin, allowing you to fully immerse yourself during a bath.

While this design enhances the water depth, it also means that having a shower may only be practical if you have enough space for both the tub and a larger enclosure. 

The most popular shapes for mobile home garden tubs are oval, rectangular, and corner-shaped. The choice of shape depends on your bathroom layout and personal style, ensuring that your mobile home’s bathing oasis is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Garden Tub Materials

Mobile home garden tubs are typically made from durable, high-quality materials such as fiberglass, ABS, or natural stone-like marble. These materials not only ensure longevity but also contribute to the tub’s overall aesthetic appeal. The choice of material can impact the tub’s weight, ease of maintenance, and resistance to wear and tear.


Mobile Home Garden Tubs vs. Standard Tubs

While regular bathtubs serve their purpose, garden tubs take bathing to a whole new level. The main differences are in size, depth, and shower capability. Standard tubs are usually smaller and not as deep, made for quick baths or showers.

On the flip side, mobile home garden tubs are always freestanding, meaning there’s no showerhead attachment, and they’re just for soaking. They focus on comfort and relaxation, providing enough water space for a person to stretch out and unwind.

The stylish design of these tubs turns your bathroom into a peaceful haven, perfect for those who like spending long periods in the tub.


Garden Tub Pros and Cons

Benefits of a Mobile Home Garden Tub

If you enjoy indulgent baths, a garden tub can turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Here are some of the benefits of owning a garden tub:


1. Aesthetically Appealing

Mobile home garden tubs are not just functional; they are also visually stunning. The glossy finishes and elegant designs add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, creating a space that reflects your style and taste.


2. Spacious

The spacious dimensions of a garden tub provide ample room for a luxurious bathing experience. Whether you prefer a solitary soak or a relaxing bath for two, the large size ensures comfort and freedom of movement.


3. Enhanced Comfort

The deeper design of a garden tub allows for full-body immersion, providing a truly relaxing experience. The ergonomic shape and carefully crafted contours cradle your body, making every bath a soothing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


4. High-Quality Construction

Garden tubs are often made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Investing in a mobile home garden tub is an investment in your bathroom’s long-term comfort and beauty.


Considerations for Mobile Home Garden Tubs

Before deciding on a garden tub, it’s important to be aware of some drawbacks:


1. More Expensive

While the benefits are undeniable, garden tubs can be more expensive than standard bathtubs. However, many homeowners find the investment well worth the enhanced bathing experience and aesthetic appeal.


2. Space Requirements

The generous size of garden tubs might be an issue in smaller bathrooms. Before choosing one, measure your bathroom to ensure it can accommodate a garden tub without sacrificing functionality.


3. Water Usage

Due to their larger size, garden tubs need more water to fill. While this allows for a more immersive bathing experience, it’s crucial to be mindful of water usage, especially in areas with water conservation concerns.


4. Installation Hurdles

Installing a mobile home garden tub may pose challenges, especially if your bathroom needs modifications to accommodate the tub’s size and weight. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fit and function.

Are you a capable DIY-er and want to try this project on your own? Check out our article, How To: Replace Your Mobile Home Bathtub and Surround, to learn how to replace your Garden tub. 


Is a Mobile Home Garden Tub Right for You?

If you enjoy relaxing in a bath to unwind after a busy day, a garden tub might be just what you need. It’s not just a regular bathtub—it’s like making an investment in comfort, style, and relaxation.

A mobile home garden tub goes beyond being a simple bath; it adds a touch of luxury and a calming atmosphere to your bathroom. Whether you dream of a spa-like escape or want a beautiful focal point for your bathroom, a garden tub is an excellent choice for your mobile home. Take the time to explore the options, think about what you like, and turn your daily bath into a special treat.

If you’re eager to make your bathing experience feel like a fancy retreat, you should check out Mobile Home Parts Store for your garden tub needs. They have a wide range of sizes, shapes, and high-quality materials to choose from. It’s the perfect place to find just what you need to make your bathroom look and feel amazing.

Visit Mobile Home Parts Store today and take your mobile home bathing experience to a whole new level. Get ready to relax and enjoy!

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