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The best RV parts and accessories for 2015

At the start of the New Year, you may have made a resolution to make improvements on your RV. And, the spring in 2015 is the best time to make changes for your RV—get it completely prepared for the summer vacation season so that you can take it all around the US. We have all the products that you will need for the upcoming travel season, and we’ve listed some of the products that we think are the most essential here:

  1. Eva-Dry High Capacity Dehumidifier: One of the most discouraging parts of driving an RV can be mold growth. Because of showering and cooking, your RV is full of moisture which can make your vacation a nightmare. You can avoid dangerous mold and musty smells by installing a dehumidifier in your RV. Dehumidifiers will suck up all the moisture in the air, making your RV safer and cleaner.
  2. Camco SunShield™ Reflective Window Cover: These window covers are one of the best RV parts and accessories you can get to control the climate inside your RV. You can put these shields up and help reflect UV rays and sunlight away from the inside of your RV, which will help keep the inside of your RV cool. UV rays also damage plastics and leather, so it’s important to protect your interior. These come in many different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your RV perfectly.

Now, this is just a sampling of the kinds of RV products that you can get from We have many other RV parts and accessories that will make your summer on the road a breeze. Give us a call and let our expert employees help you find the products that are best for you. Don’t be stuck wishing you had been more prepared: order from us today and follow the age old mantra “Always be prepared.”

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