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The Right Products for RV Maintenance

Drivers and RV fanatics need not worry about choosing the right products for their RV Maintenance needs. There are tons of products out there that are well suited for getting the job done. The following are some of the most well known RV Maintenance cleaning agents and tools recommended by customers.

First is the “Cameo Aluminum Care Wash”, a cleaning agent that usually comes in a 32 oz. container, specifically designed for removing oxidation and renewing shine of RV’s. This cleaning agent works on both painted and unpainted aluminum. It also brings back the sheen on exterior surfaces that have already been dulled by use and time. Aside from RVs, this product can also be used on horse trailers and canoes. It is compatible for use with metal, plastic, fiberglass and even painted surfaces.

Second on the list of RV Maintenance products is the “Cameo Full Timers Choice RV Wash & Wax”, which also comes in a 32 oz. container. Its ingredients and composition are of natural waxes and emulsifiers that are designed for cleaning, shining and protecting RV in just one application. There is no need for buffing, and it produces the same result seen on exhausting hard-polished wax jobs. It is safe and compatible for all types of finishes and shines.

Third, is the “Cameo RV Bug and Tar Cutter”, coming in a biodegradable 32 fl. Oz container, and priced for only 5.97 dollars. It is perfect for cutting through bugs and tar buildup accumulated from daily driving. Its formula sticks to the surface upon spraying for greater effect and concentration. It is safe for all types of exterior vehicle surfaces.

Next is the “Cameo Multi-Purpose RV Citrus Cleaner”, which also comes in a 32 fl. oz. container. This product is specifically designed to get rid of stains, dirt and grease. It is safe for use on wood, plastics, vinyl, tiles, ceramic and painted surfaces. This product is a multi-purpose cleaner scented with citrus flavor.

Another RV Maintenance product is the “Cameo Full Timers Choice Black Streak Remover.” This takes care of the black streaks that get on your RVs surfaces. It also cleans away road grime on contact. Black streaks that are difficult to remove such as those caused by sealants and coatings are effectively removed by this streak remover. Like the Citrus Cleaner, this is also a multi-purpose cleaner, used preferably on greases, bugs, tree sap and other stains that are hard to remove.

Moving on to other brands of RV Maintenance tools, there is the “Dap Blend Stick.” This repair stick that comes in a variety of colors is used by matching the wood color to the appropriate stick for quick and easy repairs of scratches and other surface marks. This tool is also used to repair nail holes in finished wood surfaces. The sticks can be used either individually or in combination to match any tone. The shaped of the sticks are specifically modified to be ideal and compatible for repairing wood paneling, molding, furniture and cabinets.

Another one of the products of Dap is the “Dap Contact Stik”, which contains 10 strips per package. These are double-sided and pressure sensitive adhesive repair strips used in small-scale laminate repairing and more conventional household projects. The product guarantees instant bond and adhesion to almost all surfaces. It is also easy to use.

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