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10 Easy Mobile Home DIY Projects

Mobile homes on a sunny day

If you live in a mobile home, you know it can be a blast to renovate and decorate. However, it can feel overwhelming to dive into a new mobile home DIY project. Even simple updates to your mobile home, like a new paint job, can seem burdensome at first. Does starting the next task on your mobile home feel like too much work? It doesn’t need to be that way. Whether you are looking to add something useful to your mobile home or liven it up with decoration, mobile home improvements can be easy. Mobile home DIY projects can be cost-effective and can change your mobile home’s entire appearance. There are mobile home DIY projects that anyone can do and some more skilled builders.

1 – Exterior Painting

One easy mobile home project is repainting the outside of your mobile home. Most mobile homes have metal siding. With proper care and cleaning, metal siding can last decades. If you’re willing to paint it occasionally, it can look good for decades too! This project will come with a small cost and a couple of workdays. The first thing you will want to do is power wash the mobile home’s exterior. Make sure to remove all dust and dirt from the surface, as it makes the rest of your job easier. Using an anti-rust primer will create a clean surface to paint and prevent rusting. After you paint, use a rust preventative enamel on top. Again, this will prevent any rust damage on the exterior of your mobile home. If you’re painting vinyl siding, don’t worry about rust proofing. Instead, consider applying a primer to the outside of your mobile home.

2 – Power Washing

If your mobile home’s paint job is still relatively new, you may want to consider a simple power washing. Power washing will require very minimal time and cost and can make the outside of your mobile home pop! Most hardware stores will allow you to rent a power washer for the day. Wash the house thoroughly and evenly, going over the home 1-2 times. Watch as the dirt and debris disappears, and your mobile home’s color shows through. Power washing a mobile home is one of the easiest mobile home improvements you can do.

3 – Dog Doors

If you have pets in your mobile home, why not consider a DIY easy mobile home project for them? Installing dog doors for your favorite furry friend will benefit them and you. One of the easiest ways to do this is to install it on your mobile home’s entrance. This way, you won’t have to worry about installing it on your mobile home wall, which can be more difficult and costly. One crucial factor will be ensuring that the dog door has a good seal. Otherwise, you could be increasing energy and heating costs with lost heat. Picking out the right dog door will take some consideration. Take some time to find the door that suits you best!

4 – Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen with granite countertops and white cabinets

Remodeling a kitchen does not have to include thousands of dollars or working for days on end. You can take smaller steps to lift the mood in your mobile home’s kitchen. Consider updating your cabinets with new trim or paint. A fresh paint job can go a long way when changing the atmosphere. Consider stylizing your kitchen with a matching table and chairs. Not interested in painting or new chairs? Adding extra shelving can be a great way to declutter and spice up the room.

5 – Brand New Skirting

Replacing the skirting on your mobile home is sometimes necessary, but it can also enhance your mobile home’s look. Make sure to get an accurate estimate of how much skirting you will need. You will need to measure your home’s perimeter and the height that it sits off of the ground. Nowadays, there are many different skirting styles and new looks that you can add to your mobile home. Consider going with brick-style skirting to add a rustic look to your home. You may even be interested in different patterns like stone-patterned skirting. Otherwise, there are many vinyl skirting options that can still make your mobile home stand out.

6 – Connect a Carport

A more practical mobile home DIY project might be adding a carport to your mobile home. No one likes their car to be covered in debris or snow when they have somewhere to be. Adding a carport to your mobile home can enhance the look, as well as protecting your automobile. This project can be a bit more challenging and can include higher costs. However, you can purchase mobile home carport kits that do include instructions. If you are not confident in your abilities to assemble and install it on your own, we recommend seeking professional help.

7 – Metal Roofing

Like adding a carport, getting new roofing is an efficient mobile home project. Getting metal roofing will increase the value of your home, protect it from harsh weather, and can add a nice look! This project will have a considerable cost. However, if you know how to install metal roofing, you can cut the price down by doing it yourself. Metal roofing is one of the most durable forms of roofing and can last as long as 60 years! During warm months, metal roofing will even reflect rays from the sun, keeping your home cooler, saving money on air conditioning. If you plan to own your mobile home for many years, it may be worth installing a metal roof.

8 – Add a Porch

Black and white porch with white rocking chairs

Most people enjoy being able to sit outside on the porch during warm months to bask in the sun or feel the breeze. Having a porch or patio on your mobile home can also enhance its appearance. This mobile home DIY project can save a massive amount of money, as well as letting you customize it to your liking. Design, labor, and materials will be the highest costs of your new porch. Doing as much design and work as you can on your own will be beneficial. However, if you are not confident in your abilities, we recommend having a professional do it.

9 – Screen in Your Porch

Consider screening it in if you already have a porch on your mobile home. Screening in your porch or patio will help those who live in climates that deal with bugs and pests yearly. Not only will it protect you from annoying insects like mosquitoes, but it will add a nice look to your mobile home. Before you do this, make sure to measure the perimeter to estimate how much material you will need. Screen framing systems and porch framing kits should help you when you take on this DIY easy mobile home project.

10 – New Tile

Adding or replacing tile to your mobile home’s kitchen or bathroom can be affordable and effective. If you know how to tile a site-built home, you know how to tile a mobile home. Your first step should be determining your budget. Once you decide your budget, you will pick out a color scheme and tile type. Important factors will be tile size and the size of the area you want to tile. If there are many corners and obstacles, consider going with a smaller tile size.

What’s Your Next DIY Project?

When choosing your next mobile home DIY Project, pick something that matters to you. Consider what you would like to see change on your mobile home. Some of these mobile home improvements might be just what you need! Remember, it’s always acceptable to look for help when undergoing your next big DIY project!

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