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Mobile home roof repair is simple and easy with Peel and Seal patch material

Does the following situation sound familiar? You have an EPDM rubber roof that was installed years ago but is now starting to leak. You’ve found that not every roofing contractor can work with EPDM, let alone repair it. And if they can, it costs a fortune! If you’re in need of mobile home roof repair because of damage from falling tree limbs or other debris, your best choice to keep the inside of your home dry and comfortable is Peel and Seal. With Peel and Seal, you can do everything from recovering an entire roof, to sealing flashing, to lining leaking gutters! There are even Peel and Seal vehicle applications.

Peel and Seal is a waterproof, self-stick, EPDM laminate system that is ideal for low-slope roofs and is incredibly versatile. But Peel and Seal doesn’t just repair your roof, it also meets or exceeds EPA Energy Star guidelines. Rolls of Peel and Seal feature multiple laminations of special aluminum foil, high density polymer films and a thick layer of rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound. The aluminum surface film, which comes in either a natural finish or white, works to reflect the harsh rays of the sun away from your roof to help lower interior temperatures and reduce the cost of keeping your home cool. The film also helps to stabilize and reinforce the sheet, acting as the first line of defense against leaks. The rubberized asphalt keeps the seams watertight and also seals around punctures and small cuts, forming a self-healing waterproof barrier. It’s a total one piece system, too, so the asphalt backing, mid-layers and top coating are permanently bonded and won’t ever delaminate.

You can order rolls of Peel and Seal in widths of 4in or 6in that are perfect to use like tape for minor damage like cuts and punctures. Or you can choose rolls in either 12in or 18in widths for larger areas. And if you need to completely recover your entire roof, we even have the full-width 36in rolls available that you can order right to your home. Whatever mobile home roof repair needs you have, Peal and Seal is always the right fit. Browse our selection today and keep the drips and drops out!


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