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Are You Driving a Peel and Seal Vehicle?

Have you ever noticed that your car or RV has a little too much road noise? Automotive builders and tuners agree that sound deadening is one of the most important parts of creating a comfortable, quiet vehicle. If your ride feels and sounds like a metal box driving down the road, it will seem cheap and flimsy to anyone riding in it. Why not drive a Peel and Seal vehicle?

When most people think of adding sound deadening to their vehicle, they think of products like Dynamat. The only problem is that, while vehicle-specific products work very well, they are also extremely expensive. Right now, you can get a pack of 9 Dynamats that are 18in x 32in for $183. A single roll of 18in x 402in Peel and Seal from Mobile Home Parts Store is $77.

Let’s do some quick math on that:

Dynamat: 18 x 32 = 576 in2 x 9 pcs = 5184 in2 or 36 ft2 = $5.10 per ft2

Peel and Seal: 18 x 402 =7236 in2 or 50 ft2 = $1.54 per ft2

Not only is a single treatment of Dynamat more expensive, you also get much less for your money. In fact, per square foot, Peel and Seal is less than one-third of the price of Dynamat!

Now, you may be thinking that even though it’s less expensive, it won’t work because it’s a product designed for houses. However, houses have been around long before there were RVs. You should be thinking of your RV as a miniature house: it has doors, a roof, a floor, a radio, carpeting, and chairs with cushions. Doesn’t sound much different, does it?

Because Peel and Seal is self-adhesive, it’s really easy to treat the floors and walls of your RV. Just cut it to length, press it on, and make sure it sits in the corners. You can use your finger or a plastic spatula to make sure it gets into all the crevices and follows the contours of the surface. Then, just reinstall the flooring or the wall covering and you’ll be all set with a quieter and more solid feeling ride! Plus, it’ll stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter!

Pick up a roll and start driving your Peel and Seal vehicle today!


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