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It’s Never Too Early to Winterize Your Mobile Home

Lately, it’s as if it seems fall is becoming shorter and shorter and winter is hitting us full force. Halloween is here and you blink and it’s Thanksgiving and then the snow begins to fly. For those of us that take advantage of every decent day we get before the weather turns, don’t neglect your mobile home maintenance. It is never too early to winterize your mobile home, indoors and out. There are a number of things to get your mobile home ready for the cold, so check out some of these upkeep suggestions.

Some important winterizing tips include repairing the roof and making sure insulation is still intact between the rafters. Also, keeping your furnace serviced is also crucial and will get you through the long winter without having to replace or repair it. Just a quick check can go a long way. An easy but less common chore that most people don’t think of is relaxing your tie-downs. It just takes a moment and your mobile home will thank you for it. 

Insulating Your Mobile Home Roof

Since many mobile homes suffer from poorly insulated roofs, it is important to keep yours up to par. This will make sure your living space is not only energy efficient but comfortable too. Since hot air rises, most of the heat being produced by your furnace is actually escaping up through the roof before it can efficiently warm your mobile home.

There are various methods to insulate your mobile home roof and keep your rooms from losing heat through the ceiling. If you are attempting to perform an “interior blow” insulation install, you must drill holes into the ceiling at certain points to access the gap in-between the rafters. Then the insulation is pumped into the cavity with a foam kit or insulation material of your choice. When you have finished, plug the holes with caulk plugs or plastic caps to keep everything in place. A benefit of insulating your mobile home roof from the interior is that you work inside and can perform this task even during inclement weather. You don’t actually have to be out on the roof at all.

Another mobile home roof insulation is “edge blow.” This is a very extreme way to insulate your roof but can also be effective. You literally loosen the roof from your home and lift it up in order to pump in the insulation. One of the biggest benefits of this form of installation is there are no holes or destruction in your ceiling and nothing gets messed up inside. There is no need to clean up the interior.

Regularly Service Your Mobile Home Furnace

electric furnace

You probably haven’t used it in months, but it’s important not to neglect your mobile home furnace. Seeing as gas hookups are rare in mobile home parks or lots, you are probably dealing with an electric furnace. For the most part, upkeep is minimal. Typically, there is some sort of panel that will show you warnings or errors if an issue arises. If nothing is detected, start by a simple cleaning over the exhaust vents. A vacuum cleaner with an attachment will take care of this job easily.

Once the vents are clean, replace the filters from last season. This quick, routine maintenance can expand the life of your mobile home furnace and make it last much longer. Keeping your vents clear of dust will prolong the overall life of your mobile home furnace since it won’t be working as hard to pump heat through the system.

Keeping Your Mobile Home Windows Energy Efficient

It is crucial to make sure your mobile home windows are also keeping the heat in and the cold out. Drafts are a huge culprit for driving up the heating bill. Storm windows are a great way to keep warm air from escaping through your mobile home windows by adding an extra layer of protection against the elements. Another way to keep the heat in is to seal off the windows with plastic. This will also help insulate your windows and keep the draft out.

mobile home window

If you want to install energy-efficient windows in your mobile home, check out these vinyl windows. Energy-efficient Kinro windows will help save you money and energy when heating your mobile home. Stay warm this winter while doing your part to protect the environment.

Relax the Tie-Downs

One thing people forget as winter weather approaches are their mobile home tie-downs. It is vital in the winter months to let in a little slack on your tie-down straps. If there is no slack, you could run into a problem as the ground contrasts in the cold. Even that little bit of extra strain could cause structural damage, as well as hurt your foundation. Loosening the straps and mobile home tie-down anchors won’t damage any part of your mobile home and will give your structure a little more room to breathe.

Get a Head Start on Mobile Home Winter Prep

Fall is never too early to get ready for the coming winter. Whether you live in your mobile home part of the year or all year, taking a few extra steps to winterize and prepare your home will save you a headache later. Even just a quick check-up around your home can go a long way. If you need to make any repairs or shop for spare parts, check out Mobile Home Parts Store for a variety of replacement parts for your home.


Source:  US Mobile Home Pros 

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