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RV appliances for the Comfy and Effective Kitchen-on-the-Go

Just like a real house, an RV also needs a lot of attention. It has to be cleaned and maintained every once in a while especially before and after long trips. Frequent trips to the mechanic, whether or not your vehicle has problems, are required to make sure that everything is working well in your mobile home. Meanwhile, the interiors of your camper need to be cleaned and checked. It is also best to check out new RV appliances every once in a while to find out if there are gizmos that might come in handy during your trips.

In every kind of trip, food is always a requirement. During camping, food is usually cooked inside or outside the trailer. However, certain conditions like weather and security, requires food to be cooked inside the trailer. Some locations might also have lesser or no access to sources of food products. In these cases, you have to stock up on your food items just to be sure you’ll never run out. Campers should make sure that their kitchens are 100% working and safe all the time. Here are some RV appliances you might need for a great cooking time inside your camper wherever the location may be.

Ventline 20″ White Vented Range Hood

The Ventline 20” White Vented Range Hood should definitely be included in your list of must-have RV appliances. It has a filtration system which helps your RV kitchen look and smell clean. It has a separate rocker type one-speed fan and light switch. This range hood is easy to install and maintain. The 20”x18”x5.5” hood is dishwasher-safe, making it easier to clean. It is available in three different colors: White, Almond, and Black.
Ventline White Sidewall Exhaust Fan

To help keep your truck well ventilated, one of the RV appliances you need is the Ventline White Sidewall Exhaust Fan. It fits a 2 ¾” – 4” wall and has an outside door that opens with a pull chain which automatically activates the fan. It also includes a grill. This exhaust fan is easy to clean and replace. In case you have to replace malfunctioning parts, spare parts like fan blade and pull chain can be bought separately. This piece of equipment is included in the Ventline array of products and comes in White and Chrome colors.

Ventline Range Hood Grease Filter

Catch all that grease with the Ventline Range Hood Grease Filter. This washable aluminum mesh filter fits most of Ventline range hoods, even the old models. Customers do love this filter because it is easy to install, clean, and reinstall.

Camco Fridge Airator

Keep your food fresher and your RV fridge even cooler while on the road with the Camco Fridge Airator. The Airator works with two batteries that can last for a month. With its standard size, this Airator fits all RV fridges and can be used for any small refrigerators. Replacement Charcoal Packs in three’s exclusively for Camco Fridge airator can be bought separately. It is advisable to change the charcoal pack every month to avoid unwanted odors and keep the Airator functioning well. Now you don’t have to worry about a stinky fridge and spoiled food while on your trip.

Whether it be in your real home or in your mobile home, it is always best to keep the kitchen clean and working. Check out other RV appliances to keep your RV kitchen updated and operational.

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