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Front Porch Ideas Podcast – Featuring our own Tim Peele

Mobile Home Parts Store was recently featured on the Front Porch Ideas and More podcast! Mobile Home Parts Store President, Tim Peele, spoke with Dave and Mary Morris of the Front Porch podcast to discuss tips and tricks for updating your mobile home porch.

There are a lot of ways to update your mobile home, and starting with the porch is a great idea. Tim dives into some of his favorite ways to take care of your mobile home porch, and first up he talks roof options.

The Duralok is an insulated panel that comes in either a 3″ or 4″ thick, the 3″ being the most popular as it is less expensive and may not need the added insulation, the panels themselves come in 4×8′ sheets and then they just have to be interlocked together to make one seamless roof.”

If a roof isn’t enough to protect you and your home from the elements, then Tim recommends a screened in room.

“If someone just wanted to go with a screen room, we have a permanent screen room option where you buy the kit and roof and the wall panels come with the screen already attached making it a pretty quick setup. We also have a portable screen option for those with RVs or those who need to remove it for winter.”

Want more front porch ideas from Tim? Check out the full podcast audio at

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