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How to Seal Heating Ducts in a Mobile Home

As the temperature drops and heating bills rise, mobile homeowners face the challenge of maintaining a warm, cost-effective living space. However, many homeowners overlook a crucial aspect of their heating systems— the heating ducts.  Making sure your mobile home’s heating ducts are sealed is a fantastic do-it-yourself home improvement task. Not only is it simple
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Keep Critters Out of Your Mobile Home

As winter approaches, the cozy confines of your mobile home become all the more inviting, not just for you but for some uninvited guests – critters! As temperatures drop, pests like rodents, raccoons, and opossums seek refuge from the chill, and the space beneath your mobile home can look pretty inviting. Whether you’re gearing up
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Mobile Home Heat Tape

As winter’s cold grip draws near, mobile homeowners face the annual challenge of preparing their homes for the chilly months ahead. While winterizing your mobile home may be far down on your list of priorities, it’s never too early to start. Among the many considerations for winterizing your mobile home, heat tape is one crucial
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Texas Winter Storm Affects Mobile Homeowners

The Texas winter storm affects mobile homeowners in many ways, including plumbing issues, heating failure, power outage, and much more. Many of those living in the affected areas were not prepared for a storm of this size. Most mobile homeowners in Texas didn’t see a need for mobile home winterizing in such a warm climate.
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