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Memorial Day Sale! May 26 - 29 Free Shipping for orders over $499

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Mobile Home Supplies: 7 Things to Help You Get Ready for Spring

Spring is officially here. The winter snow showers and blues are finally gone. The temperature’s started to increase and the trees are budding. Birds are hatching and new life is forming. Nature is ready for the warm spring season ahead, but is your mobile home ready? Don’t fret if it’s not! In this guide, we’ll
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A Budget Friendly Guide to Rustic Mobile Home Remodel

Image courtesy of Brian Khoury. Licensed via Creative Commons 2.0. The birds are chirping, the rain is drizzling and the smell of fresh grass is abundant. You know what that means, the spring season is finally here! With the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning. What better way to have a successful cleaning this year,
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The Ultimate RV Road Trip on a Budget: Part II – West Coast Edition

In Part I of the Ultimate RV Road Trip on a Budget, we took you on a scenic tour along the east coast. In Part II, we’ll create a west coast trip that spans several states. To prep for the trip, you’ll want to de-winterize your RV and buy any parts you may need in
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The Ultimate RV Road Trip On A Budget: Part I – East Coast Edition

Image courtesy of Thomas_sly. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. Spring is still a long ways off. For many of us, that means wintering in an RV resort down south. But it’s not too early to buy RV parts and start planning our summer road trips. America is full of historic landmarks, great cities, and beautiful
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Winterizing Your RV: 9 Steps to Protect Your Rig This Winter

Photo courtesy of Greg Gjerdingen. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. If you’ve procrastinated on winterizing your RV, don’t wait any longer! If you live in a cold climate, you need to take several steps to prepare your RV for the winter months. The biggest task is winterizing your RV plumbing. This involves draining all the
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7 Major Mobile Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Mobile home repair doesn’t have to be hard. With the right parts, a little knowledge, and good old-fashioned elbow grease, you can do a lot of repairs yourself—which will save you money. But whether you hire a mobile home contractor or decide to get your hands dirty, it’s much easier than you might think to
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Best RV Parks in the US—Part 1: NC, FL, TX

Ready for a road trip? People often ask us for RV park recommendations. This is a huge, general question, and we usually have to drill it down a little. What’s your RVing lifestyle? What part of the country are you planning on visiting? How big is your rig? Do you need every modern amenity, or
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10 Mobile Home Makeovers That Will Inspire Your Remodel PICTURES!

Need a new vision for your home? Check out the winners of our Mobile Home Makeover Contest! If you’ve ever thought about remodeling your mobile home, you know how exciting it is to dream. But with all those walls, floors, windows, and fixtures staring back at you, it gets overwhelming. How do you get past
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Amazing Mobile Home Makeover Contest

1st PRIZE: $200 GIFT CARD No purchase necessary! Want to win a $200 gift card to Mobile Home Parts Store? Show us your amazing mobile home makeover! –Submit as many before-and-after photos as possible –Enter before July 15, 2016, at 11:59pm –First Prize wins a $200 gift card and publication on the Mobile Home Parts
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19 Expert RVers Weigh In On Fulltime RV Finances INTERVIEWS

To RV, or not to RV? That is the question. Well, one of the questions. Actually, the main question is, How much does it cost?  It’s no secret that the RV lifestyle is growing in popularity. Between 2010 and 2014, as the economy began to recover from the 2008 crisis, the RV industry grew by
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